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Aug 18, 2009 11:00am EDT
with hannah montana the movie. as she returns to her tennessee roots with billy ray cyrus. the three disk combo pack includes a trip to the hannah montana store and seven music videos. >> i didn't have any rope. >> wes craven brings audiences back to the last house on the left as the parents of a kidnapped girl take revenge on their daughter's attackers. >> tyson puts together archive footage to examine one of boxing's most controversial figures. >> we have one job only. >> and check out patrick swayze's new movie. >> and in tv, the simpsons are up to the only shenanigans, classic episodes from the 12th season. >> you did not just dothat. >> the upper side gloss up girls -- the gossip girls. >> miami serial killer with a badge, and dirty, sexy, money, leaves a final season. >> i'm most excited about the simp ton. >> the tyson movie is supposed to be great. >> i'm run out and get that today. >>> now to the music. first of all country music star reba mcintyre is out. this is his first album in 6 years and it include the released single that you hear now, strange. let's listen to three secon
Aug 13, 2009 11:00am EDT
west to montana and colorado. and last night in colorado at another town hall meeting on health care critics were ready to pile on. >> to quote somebody i think some of the leaders have acted stupidly. >> reporter: now the white house also had to acknowledge that the president misspoke at his own town hall meeting when he said the aarp backs the plan working through congress. at this point they do not. in washington, fox news. >>> all right, as douglas just said, democrats claimed some of the angry audience members are planted, part of a g.o.p. plot to stop the plan. >>> and now a former public relations representative for cigna says it was not unheard of people to pay option groups to things like health care reform. cigna has not commented on the situation. >>> and headed out to the airport? we have changes that you may need to know. plus, one area slashing prices at the grocery store. >>> and forget the knock, knock jokes. one man is in trouble for ringing doorbells naked. that story and a whole lot more you can find on the website. we're back inwo minutes, stay with us
Aug 14, 2009 11:00am EDT
and president obama may face some of those angry crowds at a town hall today in belgrade montana. a big opposition rally is planned nearby with about -- nearby with 500 expected to show up. >>> a reporter had a sitdown with the president and he's only 11 years old and won this interview with the president. >> he's lucky. damon weaver became an internet sensation during the campaign as he followed the president hoping for an interview. the president fielded questions about his basketball skills, bullying and life in the white house. take a listen. >> what is it like being president of the united states? >> well it's very exciting. it's a lot of work and there are times where you get a little warn down. but every day you have the possibility, the ability of helping other people. and if you can do that -- >> weaver signed out just like he did when the interview with joe biden and he asked the president to be his home boy and the president said absolutely. to see the interview, go to >>> we're moving to on to another story -- on to another story with a funny man here in the stu
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3